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Montanta & the West  Custer Trail to the LBH  Battle of Little Bighorn  Echos of Little Bighorn

This series is published on Indian Battles
and significant events for a majority of the titles.

-- Native American History --

A series of new publications based upon newly acquired archival research
and extensive field work at battle sites that provide
integral material, promoting the Indian History of America.

of the Battle of Saline River
Story of the Buffalo Hunters
By Glenn Michael Cox

8˝ x 11 Book
220 Pages - 80 Illustrations
-- Includes new maps
and 1,000s of artifacts --
ISBN: 978-1891030-50-5

A new discovery of the battle in Kansas

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$60.00 Spring 2023

Spring 2023


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Our Story of Eagle Woman
-- They Got it Wrong --
By the Sacagawea Project Board
Of the
Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation

6 x 9 Book
360 Pages - 150 Illustrations
-- Includes 24 page color section --

Research of of interviews, government & tribal documents; claims regarding her heritage plus evidence provided that supports the Hidatsa story, with DNA testing, and resulted in this publication.

ISBN: 978-1-1891030-80-2



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The MHA Nation of North Dakota has gathered evidence from two centuries that documents the fact that Sacagawea, the young mother who accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805-1806, was of the Hidatsa and Crow tribes.

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Children's Book
-- They Got it Wrong --

By the Sacagawea Project Board
Of the MHA Nation

10 x 7 Softbound Book
-- 48 Pages 40 Illustrations --

This is a significant event in America's history.

ISBN: 978-1-1891030-95-6

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Spring 2023

A Brave Man
of the Crow Nation

By Alden F. Big Man, Jr.

11 x 8.5 Landscape Book
220 Pages - 120 Illustrations
-- The 7th Cavalry Scout at the
Battle of the Little Bighorn --
ISBN: 978-1891030-83-3

The true story of the
famous Crow Indian

Casebound Book:

60.00 Spring 2023


1870s Indian Parfelche

1880s Crow Indian Dancer's Bag

First Person Accounts on
American History with
Hundreds of Unpublished Photographs

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