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Battle of the Little Bighorn
-- Series One --



Number 11 in the
Battle of the Little Bighorn Series



Custer Catastrophe
at the
Little Big Horn
Early Rare Accounts and
Publications by Early Writers
by Richard Upton

8 x 11 Book
204 pages, 35 illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-912783-49-9

Nine historic Custer/Little Bighorn articles, published many years ago.
Most that have disappeared from reference libraries and private collections are now presented here.

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Number 10 in the
Battle of the Little Bighorn Series



Where the Custer Fight Began
Undermanned and Overwhelmed
The Reno Valley Fight
by Donald W. Moore

8 x 11 Book
206 pages, 68 illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-912783-48-2

From the command of Major Marcus A. Reno, come the tactics, location and composition of the Skirmish Line. All taken from interviews, accounts and memoirs of Where the Custer Fight Began.

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