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Western History Series
Montanta & the West
  Native American
Custer Trail to the LBH  Battle of Little Bighorn  Echos of Little Bighorn

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On the Crow Reservation
The Sword Bearer
-- in 1887 --

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Montana & the West

Our Story of Eagle Woman
-- They Got it Wrong --
& Children's Book 

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Native American


On The Big Horn
Fort Custer
-- in 1877 --

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Echoes of the Little Bighorn

Upton and Sons

Welcome to Upton And Sons and the history of America, distributed by The Paragon Agency.

This collection of books defines the spirit of the American West. Published since 1972, the 40 titles speak of the period on the Indian Wars from before Custer's Last Stand to Wounded Knee. Specializing in the Indian Wars of the American West from 1865 to 1890, Upton and Sons have brought five series of volumes:

Montana and the West
An on-going selection of original books pertaining to interesting and unusual subjects, relatively unknown and less publicized.

Native American History
A new series of original books from new research and recent discoveries on the sites of historic Indian battles.

Custer Trail to the Little Bighorn
A series about, although not limited to Lt. Colonel George A. Custer and the Sioux War of 1876.

The Battle of The Little Bighorn
Entirely devoted to the battle, each volume in the series is presented by authors who have the expertise to thoroughly analyze the extensive bibliography of Custer’s Last Stand and have visited the historic battlefield of The Little Bighorn.

Echoes of the Little Bighorn
Custer classics that have stood the test of time and are the cornerstone of any library devoted to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. 

Since the series of western history was created by Richard Upton and Sons Jim and Kip in the 1970s, dozens of volumes have been added to the texts for over 50 years and collected into a series of books.

A wide variety of Experts and Authors are able to share the stories from those who know the unseen worlds
of the Native American and Western History. Richard Upton passed in July of 2021.

Upton and Sons, a division of
The Paragon Agency, Publishers

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